Saturday, June 5, 2010


This morning Rebecca and I snuck (Isn't that a word? My spell check is saying it's not. My spell check needs to install the hillbilly version.) out before all the boys woke up and went yard sale hopping with Aunt Alice! We had a blast, as we always do with Alice, she's a hoot. There weren't a lot of sales because it's Saturday and apparently all the sales are on Thursday because that's how it's been done forever and ever because that's when the mines always had payday so that's when the miners wives had money. They never had any left by Saturday so if you wanted to sale anything by golly, it better be on a Thursday, Aunt Alice informed me of this while she navigated us around town and I drove.

Have I ever mentioned that there are no yard sales in N. Ireland? That's a whole other post, we'll get to that soon.

Anyways, today I had $50 and I wanted a bed frame for Rebecca and a bedset for Rebecca (Trying to get her room all done as it will be the guest bedroom when my parents come visit in a few weeks...I hope they like pink and black! lol) and some weights for Jason and some lamps and some alarm clocks and a dresser for Alex and summer clothes for Jarod
. Now of course I knew I would not find ALL of this but I got pretty darn close! I also went to some thrift stores and checked out the clearance section of some department store and then went to Wal-Mart to get my first week of E-Mealz!

For $50 I got......*drumroll*

Bedset (bedspread, sheets, pillow cases, bed skirt) for Rebecca!
Bedframe for Rebecca!
40lb weight set! (With a pic of a hunk on the box which Jason assured me he would look like in no time at all. Heh!)
2 lamps
5 accent pillows for Rebecca
1 pink magnet board for Rebecca
A car sunshade for Alex

Not too shabby!!!

Oh and a little portable DVD player toy for the kids, which they loved! Rebecca was really suspicious when she saw it at the yard sale for so cheap, "Does it really work?" she asked the lady. Heh. I know why that mom was selling it's loud and annoying! She probably would have given it to us for free!

Ok....are you ready to see Rebecca's new bed setup???!!!

Can you handle the awesomeness?!

Do we need another drum roll?

Thanks Alice for hanging out with us today! Let's do it again on a Thursday so we can find more sales!

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