Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Funny Dresser for $0.00!!!

I have two boys.
They are a bit destructive.
They don't mean to be, they just play rough at times, as most boys tend to do.
I have 7 brothers so it's not new to me but you can bet I'm not going to spend a bunch of money on their bedroom since it's possible their furniture will end up being taken apart to build a raft or castle during one of their "It's raining, we can't go outside, so we must breakdown and rebuild everything we see while mom naps" episodes.

They have a dresser. A dresser that was given to me by a kind woman off freecycle. It's perfect for them because it press board, so I don't have to worry about them ruining a perfectly good wood dresser, and it came already broken in (a middle bracket is missing). At first I had given thought to painting it all neat with a few different paints, each drawer a different color. But then I realized that I'd have to buy all that paint. And I'm not going to spend money on a press board dresser that probably won't last to our next move. So...I decided I'd have to make them an awesome dresser using what I already had on hand.

I had black paint so that part was easy....but what to do with the drawers?? Then it hit me....comics! I have tons of comics because I save them to use as wrapping paper.

So...I took out the drawers, hauled it outside, and sanded it down.

Then I got out my Kilz and black paint I already had, leftover from Rebecca's room.

I did one coat of kilz, let it dry...

And then did a coat of black, let it dry...

And then did a final coat of black. Looking good. One of these days I might try to fix that missing bar in the middle.

While the coats were drying I got out my Mod Podge and my comics.

And glued the comics on the drawers, and all over my clothes, and my hair too. That stuff is sticky!

While those were drying I got a little crazy and took these two photo frames, that Aunt Alice gave us...

And filled them with comics too! You can't have too many comics.

And this is what it looks like when you put it all together, along with a freecycled lamp!
(I'm thinking this would look a lot better if I framed the comics in somehow...I might have to get some crown molding or such and try to frame each drawer.) (I still have to put the drawer pulls in too, just have to figure out how to paint brass first.) (I also left the comic whole so the kids could read them...but now I'm thinking it might look better to do more of a collage, like we did Rebecca's....I might do that the next sunny day we have.) (But for now it works just fine!)

The boys now have a fun dresser, one that maybe they won't destroy, but it they do somehow crash into it and it breaks into a million least it cost me ZERO dollars to make!


  1. It came out nice. Pages from fashion mags would make a good one for pre/teen girls.

    Stopping in from MBC

  2. What a cool idea....I love it!I bet they do too!


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