Wednesday, June 9, 2010

E-Mealz Update- Menu 2

My E-mealz plan comes out on Wednesday so this is our first full week, last week I just had to use half the recipes because I started on a Sunday, and it went really well. The recipe were very easy yet really tasty. The only issue I had was that it had two pork recipes that both called for mustard. I can handle pork two days in a week but both with mustard is pushing it. Actually once with mustard was pushing it because I hate mustard so there was no way it was happening twice. I didn't need the second recipe though so that was fine. One of
the recipes also called for pork rinds....I left those out too.

This week looks good except that one of the recipes also calls for pork rinds! And it says "For those who are new to the “Low Carb World”, pork rinds are a favorite substitute for chips." Gross!
I guess because we aren't trying to eat low carb, just eat more paleolithic (which is healthy whole food such as meat, veggies, nuts, and fruits) we don't really understand the whole "eat anything just because it has no carbs" mindset. The low-carb mean plan was the closet one that had to how we eat though. But that does not mean I'm going to be chowing down on pork rinds every week. Or any week. Or ever. This week you are supposed to dip them in marina sauce! *gags*

Anways, it's not an issue. If there is something I don't like I can just replace it. As a whole the menus are great and it's been really helpful to always have ideas for dinner every day. I'll be going shopping tomorrow for week 2's items and I'm thinking about taking a photo each night of what we have for dinner. Anyone interested in that? I can also post how long it took to cook each meal, right now it's about 30 minutes a night. Except the night I had to pound the chicken....I've never done that before so everyone had to come watch me do it and then they all wanted to take a turn pounding the chicken. That chicken sure got pounded! So it took a little bit longer.



  1. Okie of supper this week coming up soon!


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