Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't bother us nohow

The rain that is. Anyone who has lived a year in N. Ireland should not be bothered by rainy days.

 Can't go outside? Your lawn chairs are all wet and sad? No worries.

We'll hang out on our lovely couch, which makes the couch so happy and loved and feel a little less ugly.

And we'll make rainy day crafts.

And redo Rebecca's curtains. What's that? No...I'm not obsessed with her curtain situation. Ok, maybe just a little. But the good news is I finally figured out what we are going to do with them. But they won't be done for awhile so you'll have to wait a little longer. So I moved her current curtains over to her closet door way and it looked cute, except that the curtain rod was ugly so then we cut up a bunch of black freecycled fabric and made wee bows to cover it and all was well in curtain world.

And make movies with the boys. FBI movies, with hammers... made out of soft toys. 

Then it was time for swimming lessons! (Yes, I just switched tenses in the middle of this post....it's my blog so I can do what I want. So there.) FREE swimming lessons! Because life in tiny town includes lots of free events. Why? I've thought about it a lot and my conclusion is because they are trying to trick you into forgetting about the horrible winter you just went though "Oh sure there was 10 feet of snow and your cat's ears froze off but now it's summer and look at all the free events!" like a toddler and a piece of candy "Ohh see the yummy candy, now stop your crying."

Anyways, the Lion's Club offers the lessons for the local children at the local hotel pool,which is just a few blocks away so we can walk. Yes we walk in the rain....what do you think you do in Ireland when it rains everyday and you don't have a car. While we were there we walked in the rain all the time and it didn't kill us. Alex wasn't old enough to take the lessons but the really sweet instructors said he could play in the toddler pool why the older kids had their lessons! The frog kinda freaked me out but Alex didn't mind sliding down his slimy tongue. They have lessons every day for 2 weeks!

When we got back Jason was home and it was leave mommy alone play with daddy time.

Then is was mommy isn't cooking supper our once a month eat out time! (I made our E-mealz for the day for lunch instead of dinner today, it was yummy!) And this month it was free because our library gave us free meal coupons in our summer reading packs.  What's that? Your library never gives you free meals? That's probably because you don't have to put up with negative 45 degree weather and insane teenagers whizzing over your head on snowmobiles.


Now I think I've got just enough time to sneak in a nap before bedtime mop the floors.

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