Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poor Widdle Couch

A reader sent me this link:

"Your couch is so ugly! Cover that thing up!"

Notice the first line of the article...."Are you getting tired of that retro, 1970s couch in your living room?" lol

Ok, Ok...I get the point guys! You hate my couch! There are some pretty opinionated comments HERE on my poor little couch too.

 You know when you go to the pound to pick out a dog and there is always one that is really ugly and she doesn't even look at you as you pass by because she knows no one will ever love her? Well that's my couch and I saved her from a life on always getting passed by and possibly ending up at the dump.

And yes in time, when I get all the kids rooms done, and find a sewing machine...I do plan on making a slipcover for the couch but for now it's not a concern for me. The couch is comfy and works perfectly for what it is supposed to be....a place to sit upon. We don't care that the fabric is "outdated" and love her anyways and have since the day we brought her home.

So just get used to her! :-)


  1. :D I think an ugly couch with a small price tag is far better than breaking the bank to buy a beautiful couch that will serve the exact same purpose.

  2. Hi! Found you on Fun to see other Minnesota bloggers! I live in Brainerd/Baxter area and would love it if you popped by my blog. I am your newest follower. :)

  3. My parents bought a red and brown plaid couch when my brother and I were younger. That couch has always signified "home" to me, no matter what it looked like. The joke in our family is that, if anything happened to my mom, my brother and I would fight over who gets the couch! Not too long ago, she sent the couch on to Saint Vinny's (a local thrift store chain in Wisconsin) and purchased one that would fit better in her home. As hard as it was for us to let it go, we hope that some deserving family is now enjoying it as much as we did for so long! I hope you find the same enjoyment from your "ugly" couch, for it has found a good home!

  4. I think I had that same couch when I was first married!!! I think I found a slip cover for it about a year is all good!!! The couch was very comfortable. I did not care what it looked like house is still very eclectic...but hey it defines my personal style and I love it!!

  5. Hey Kerry, maybe it's the exact same one or at least a sibling! :-P
    I'm sure it's been around long enough to have lived in a lot of home!


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