Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrifty Fashion Thursday: 50 cent summer dress need a short, adorable dress. You want something like these.
(I think that might be the most anorexic looking mannequin I've ever seen.)

But the only dressy item in your closet is a long skirt, that you found at a yard sale for 50 cents.
What do you do?

First you try on your skirt so you can stare in the mirror and see if any ideas pop to mind.

"Hmmm, yes. If I pull it back right here and hike it up here...yes I think it just might do. Now...where are Cinderella's mice when I need them?"

Ok, so with this skirt I found that it had a lot of extra material that I could pull back and gather behind me. So I pulled it up, like a tube shirt, and then took a bit on each side, pulled it back and used a safety pin in the back. Then I put a belt around my waist, with the belt buckle in the back, to give it a little more color. It also had a string it the front that I tied around my neck.

Much more flirty and cute, perfect for summer! (If summer ever gets here!)

And then you twirl.
At least, that's what I always do when I have a new dress.


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  1. What a great idea! That's so cute, and very thrifty - I love being thrifty. Thanks for sharing. Peace. :)


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