Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dollar grab bag!

Rebecca and I went to Grand Rapids today and got all our Christmas shopping finished up! We also hit the jack pot at a thrift store....a dollar a bag sale! All the clothes you can fit in a bag for $1! We LOADED up our cart to overflowing and it was only 2 bags! Rebecca got 15 shirts, she was so excited she yelled "Should we go back and fill up another cart!?" lol I got a lot of clothes too (including an adorable swing dress that was new with tags priced at $60!) and quite a bit for the boys - fun!

If I had time I'd do a thrifty fashion photo show...but I don't.So there. :-P

*EDIT TO ADD a stinking photo!*

Since I got a million and one emails stating their disapproval that I did not do a thrifty fashion's ONE outfit I made from the $1 grab bags. Now's all I have time for! Let me get back to Christmas crafts and packing for our trip and wrapping presents! lol

Brown winter boots - Clearance sale at wal-mart: $5
Leggings that match the small lines in the plaid dress: Inside one of the grab bags.
Plaid dress: Inside one of the grab bags.
Brown tank top: Inside one of the grab bags.
Blue Shirt that perfectly matches the big lines in the plaid: 10 cents at a yard sale.
Necklace made by a friend.

Total: $6!!!

Please ignore the horrible pic, only Alex is here so I had to use the self timer and the only place to put it was on the dresser facing the mirror. :-)

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