Tuesday, November 30, 2010

House Update!

For those of you asking how our cheap house project is going...here's a video for ya! 
It's pretty much done, just need some curtains for Alex's playroom and a computer desk for the kids.
We moved into this house with nothing and in just a few months, using only freecycle, friends castoffs, yard sales, and thrift stores we turned the house into our HOME!

We spent less than $300 for everything in the house, will it ever be featured in a magazine? Nope, but it serves its purpose!
Sure, it's got some ugly stuff in it *coughcouchcough* but it does its job perfectly and that's fine with us! 

CSN Stores for easy holiday shopping

I am once again doing all my Christmas shopping online. I hate crowds and wasted driving time and shopping in general so I love being able to get all I need from the comfort of my home, plus I always find awesome bargains and free shipping! CSN stores is a great place to check out because they have over 200 stores with one shopping cart! They offer anything and everything from sling backpacks to massage chairs, and lots of items have free shipping and if you hurry you can take advantage of their Cyber Week Sales!
And I know I've said this before but they have awesome customer service!

I'll be reviewing a product for them so, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Date Truffles made with my CSN Stores food processor!

The food processor that CSN Stores sent me to review came in.... and it's awesome!

The first thing I decided to whip up with it was date truffles! If you've never made these you should give them a try, so tasty, easy, AND healthy! 

All you do is throw some dates, nuts, and dried fruit in your lovely food processor - no cooking required! 

My beautiful processor along with my truffle supplies.

I added whole dates, cashews, and an organic dried fruit mix that had apples, pineapple, pears,  and a few more fruits I'm forgetting. I never measure, just add until it looks right. Mine turned out a little dry so I also added a tiny scoop of coconut oil so they would stick together.

Look at how well they blended up!  I was so impressed with how easy the processor was to use and fast to clean, it also has suction cups on the bottom so it doesn't slid when you're using it. I used it to make cauliflower "rice" too, worked like a charm!

Then you just roll them into balls and coat with coconut flakes or ground nuts or ground date powder! Yum! The whole family loves these and this is our "candy" of choice. They freeze great too!

Always start with date but then you can add almonds or walnuts or peanuts and then add in chocolate or dried cherries or lemon pulp, be creative!

~This item was sent to me for review purposes, the opinions written here are mine. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & was not under any obligation to give a positive review of the product.~
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