Friday, June 11, 2010

Spotlight on the Rapids: Restore Review

Habitat For Humanity Restore 
1336 East Hwy 169
Grand Rapids, MN

 I wouldn't classify this store as a thrift store because they do not have clothing, it's more of a second hand furniture and discount home improvement store in one. It's pretty awesome. The price of their furniture is less than you would pay at the area thrift store but more than you'd pay at a yard sale. Then they have all the doors, window, paint, lights, sinks, and anything else you'd want for your home. I love to just look around and fix things up in my head, "Ooh that would make a great table." or "Hmmmm, I could paint that black and it would be so cool." 

Pros: Lots of room and lighting
         Large varitey
         Great prices

Cons: I had a tiff with them. 
          Because they made a mistake.
           And I wanted a refund.

That's right. I actually stood up for myself. I learned how to do this in Ireland where they have no concept of "The customer is always right" so you have to fight for what you want. Though I didn't have to fight as hard as the locals because I could get far with my cute American accent. :-)

Any way I went in and asked for a queen size bed frame. They said they had one and sold it to me, it was clearly labeled as a 3 different spots. I had the kids with me so couldn't fit it in the car so my MIL picked it up for me later and I dragged it inside, put it together, took Rebecca's mattresses out of her room, dragged the frame in her room, and then....tired to put the mattress on her bed frame. But it didn't fit! The frame was too small! I got out my measuring tape and measured it was a full size frame! I was frustrated but no big deal as I figured I could just call them and exchange it for a real queen size. 

I called and a really nice man answered and I told him what had happened but he said they did not have any more queen size frames. Well that's fine says I, I'll just take a refund and go get one at the Salvation Army as I need one today. I'm sorry says he, but all sales are final. Well that wasn't acceptable to me so I nicely asked him if he could take my name and number and have someone from the office call me back. He was nice, as all the volunteers who run the check out desk always are. 

So 30 minutes later a woman from the office called and we had a little chat. 

Restore: I'm sorry but we do not offer refunds, all sales are final.
Me: Yes, I understand that and if this was a normal sale I would accept that but the fact is I bought what was supposed to be a queen size bed and it was not.
Restore: We can offer you an instore credit. 
Me: That would be wonderful, IF you had another queen size bed for me, but you don't so I have no need of a store credit at this time. I'm not trying to be difficult but I need a refund so I can go to another store and get a bed frame today. 
Restore: I'm sorry but we have signs posted that say "All Items Are Sold As Is. No Refunds"
Me: Hah, well my item was not sold to me as was sold to me as ISN'T. (I thought this was a funny play on words and giggled. My stupid giggle is always getting me in trouble.)
Restore: (She didn't think that was very funny and got a bit upset with me at this point.) I can't help you, do you want to speak with my manager?
Me:  I would love to. 

So, I was transferred to another man and he was nice. I told him that the Restore had made a mistake on the frame, so it was of no use to me and he sighed and said he'd issue me a refund. (Wish I could have talked to him first....)

So I took the frame apart, dragged it back outside, in the rain, and spent 15 minutes trying to fit it in my car. Then I drove to the Restore, dragged the frame back out of my car in the rain, and lugged it into the building. Where the nice lady at the front said "Oh, you must be The Bed Frame Lady. Greeaaaat,  I have a new nickname. She picked up the phone, pushed a button, and said "The Bed Frame Lady is here." Another woman from the office came down, handed me my refund, and walked back into the office. (I'm really sorry I had to ruin her day but I bet from now on they'll measure those bed frames before tacking on incorrect tags.) 

So in culclusion...Would I shop there again?

It's a great store, with great items and prices, and the front desk staff are always nice and helpful, and in the end, even though I had to fight a little, they did correct their mistake with a refund. 
The only reason I would hesitate about going back would be because I'm afraid their would be an invisible sign on my forehead that says "THAT BED FRAME LADY". lol

And next time I might take a tape measure with me.

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