Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Sew Black Curtain Ideas

Did you know that there is such a thing as CURTAIN CLIPS!?
Aren't they neato? I'm trying to score some on Ebay right now and at the same time wondering if I could make some myself....attach a clip to a hard could that be?

Now as far as what to clip on them for curtains....I'm thinking a flat sheet since it's already hemmed and all. I see flat sheets all the time at the thrift store...not black ones (which I want for Rebecca's room) though but a pack of black dye is just a couple dollars. And maybe some pink polka dots using fabric paint?

The ideas are flowing....yes they are.


  1. If you have a bed bath and beyond and can score a coupon you can get curtain clips there too:) I got mine at a Canadian chain store called Jysk oh and IKEA has them too:) not too expensive either


  2. Hah! I live in a town of 900.....:-P

    I'm a bit jealous of everyone that lives near a big home decorating store or craft store but....on the other hand I would spend way too much if I lived near one. :-)


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