Friday, June 4, 2010

No more lists!

I've been planning meals, menus, and shopping lists for over 13 years...that's a lot of time. Time I could have spent on oh I don't know....daydreaming about not having to make lists?

Don't get me wrong...I'm good at it. My family eats well and our meals always fit into our budget but it does get hard to try to come up with new recipes ALL the time, every week of my life I'm trying to find time to jot down items we need at the store, find recipes, and figure out what I need for each recipe . We also try to eat as much as a Paleolithic Diet as we can, which makes it hard to find recipes as we try to stay away from rice, pasta, wheat ect. (Similar to a low-carb diet)

13 years of lists!

Our anniversary is on Monday. Our 13th if you didn't catch that. (It's ok maybe you haven't had your coffee yet. I'll wait.)

Jason asked me what I the time I was trying to decide if we should have beans or peas with our Tuesday meal. That's what's hard about meal planning, here it is on a Friday and I have to wonder if I'll feel like beans or peas a week ahead of time. (Now that you've had your coffee you probably noticed that he was asking me about our anniversary only 2 days before the actual event...HEY at least he remembered! That's good enough for me!)  I'm tired of making those decisions! I want someone else to make them for me. It's summer....I want more time to enjoy the sunshine and not stare at a list wondering if pork or chicken would be good next Thursday. There's only 3 months of good weather here folks....and then we'll be stuck in the middle of a winter wonder land with nothing to do and then I'll gladly submit to menu chores again. (We'll maybe not gladly but when your choice is make a menu or go outside and get frostbitten....menus win.)

"I want 3 months off from list making hon, that's what I want." thinking to myself: Good idea Mary, let him
have to be in charge of the lists, let him see how frustrating it is to try to come up with meal after meal after meal and make a grocery list to go along with each one each week. Hah! While I sit back and enjoy the break. 

 My first clue that my husband is a genius should have been when he just smiled and said he'd be right back. No protests? No "I can't make 3 months of menus, no way"? Had an alien taken over his body? Maybe he'd start doing the dishes every night too! (Hey...reach for the stars....)

5 minutes later he came back and handed me a weeks menu, a LOW CARB menu, using items that were ON SALE this week, and a grocery list of everything I needed to make the menu WITH RECIPES!

As Liz Lemon is so fond of saying "What the what?!"

I checked the clock again...yep only 5 minutes had gone by.

"You'll get one every week for 3 months....Happy Anniversary!"

No....he's not superman and he didn't really come up with a weeks menu in 5 minutes. Well he did but not all on his own.

Remember when Jason was getting his BA and he had to drive one and a half hours to school everyday and one and a half hours back? And being the poor college family we were we had no cell phone or MP3 player or even a working tape player in the car? In fact even the FM radio was broken so all he could listen to was AM talk radio shows, remember that? Well one of those shows was Dave Ramsey. And low and behold that guy recommends e-mealz, a menu planing program. A program that gives you a menu of your choice (he picked low carb) for a store of your choice (Wal-mart was the only one in our area) with a shopping lists every single week for 3 months for $15 total. And my darling husband thought of this place while I was whining about needing a break. (We won't mention  the fact that he heard of this place YEARS ago and never mentioned it to me until now....hey how was he supposed to know I could use a break, I never mentioned it until now. Plus back then we never had a spare $15.)

I'm really excited! I'll keep you updated on how the new meal plan is working out! If it saves us money and if the recipes fit our eating habits etc. And if it save me'll know because I'll have more time for blogging! hah!

I <3 Emealz

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  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL bedroom - any teen would be proud of it...great job and I'm very impressed with your talent for a good eye and sensible spending! Yaahoo!


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