Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Snatcher

Melissa and family arrived today!!

And the first thing I did was kidnap her kids!(I had an excuse...someone had to watch them while everyone else was helping unpack. I might have pushed a few people out of the way to get to the baby first though....)

Little Gabe is my new best buddy. I got to hold him for hours and he's just so sweet, I fell in love right away. I didn't want to give him back! Alex loved him too and kept asking to hold him, it was so cute.

Rebecca asked to be in charge of Ariana, 2 years, and our 4 year old Alex. She just completed a babysitting course and was really looking forward to testing out her new skills.

It was sooooo funny though. I left them playing games and later I checked on them and she looked at me in a panic and said "Mom, they did NOT teach me how to handle TWO toddlers in class, they are crazy and I need to go to the bathroom but I can't leave them alone for even a second!!" LOL

I'm thrilled to death to have more family close by!!!!!

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