Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Area Thrift Store Reviews

When I first moved here I was very impressed with the options for thrift shops, yes indeed my frugal heart just overflowed.

After months and many, many visits to each store I've now figured out the pros and cons of each one. There are three.

* Friends for Animal Welfare

Located at the junction of Hwy #2 West and Cty Rd #63
Phone: 999-5611

 Pros: Lowest prices of the 3
          Little bit of everything, clothes, furniture, and household.
          Really good clearance sales - their $1 bag sales rock!

Cons: Hard to navigate through the store with kids.
          It's kind of dim in the store.
          The clothes can be outdated at times.

 This is the store to go to if you want the best deal, I love just browsing through all the shelves as you never know what you might fine. Because of this store I am the proud owner of a newer toaster oven that works great, for just a couple dollars!
 I buy the kids play clothes here during their dollar bag sales and always look here first when I need any household items.

* Goodwill
1202 Northwest 4th Street
Phone: 326-6843

Pros: Really nice clothing of the latest fashion
         They offer a rewards card program
         Staff are always really pleasant and helpful

Cons: Mostly clothing, not much furniture
          Clothing prices are the highest of the 3
          The racks are overstuffed.
I go to this store when I need nice outfits and for the kids school clothes. They also have a really good selection of board games and puzzles! If you keep an eye out you can also find lots of New In Package gift items, which are great to have on hand for last minute birthday parties. They also offer a weekly tag sale, though you have to get their early as the items go fast.

* The Salvation Army 
E US Highway 169
Phone: 326-4847

Pros: Largest of the 3, you're sure to find what you're looking for.
         Lots of room and light inside the store.
         Features daily specials, including half price Wednesday

Cons:  Furniture prices can be outrageous.
           Not right in town, it's out of the way.
           Hard to find staff if you need help.

This is the store I go to if I can't find what I'm looking for at the others, as they will be sure to have it. While you can find great deals here, good prices on the clothes - higher than FFAW but lower than GW, I'm shocked at times by the prices they have on the furniture, lots of times the price will be the same or just a little less than buying it new..for a used and worn item! They do have great prices on liens and household items though.

Stop by one of these thrift stores today and help support your local community!

Next on Spotlight we'll discuss the Restore, Freecycle, and Craigslist!

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