Monday, June 28, 2010

Unexpected surprises are always nice!

Remember that bag of clothes I mentioned, the one I got at the bag sale?

As I was walking toward the desk to pay I saw a black and pink dress on the floor, it had fallen off a table so I reached down to pick it up and as I did I saw that I loved the dress....but there was no size tag and it looked too small for me. For some reason though I went ahead and threw it in my bag. I guess I was thinking that it was only a few pennies and if it didn't fit I could give it away to someone else. Or maybe I was just too lazy to fold it and put it back on the table. I'm not a folder. Or an ironer. ( I think I just made that word up.) (I don't iron because of a traumatic iron incidence as a kid. Seriously. If I even smell an iron I start to sweat. I've never owned one. My kids have never made those wax paper melting crafts that use an iron. They are so deprived. )  I hang all my clothes up or shove them in a drawer. (I didn't have a traumatic folding incidence as a kid....I just think it's silly to fold clothes that will get unfolded the first time you have to pull a shirt out from the bottom.) You can tell which is which pretty easy by the wrinkles. Drawer clothes are only for around the house though, luckily no one in my family cares. In fact they like the system because they always know when I'm going somewhere...."Mom's got her wrinkle free clothes on! Ask her if we can go too!"

Today Jason said he was taking me to a romantic picnic at the lake! (Gyros from a scary roadside doesn't get more romantic than that!)

So I decided to try it on......and........ it fit!!!! (Thanks P90X!)

I asked Rebecca to take a photo of the dress and Alex ran up to me just as she snapped it, gave me a huge hug, and said "You so purty mama." Awwwww

I love my boys!
And I love cute dresses that only cost a few pennies!

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