Monday, June 7, 2010

Thrift store outing

Remember last year on our 12th anniversary?

We pawned the kids off on some grad students, hopped on a trains, and explored a quaint Irish village.

How do you top that?

You don't.

In fact it can be a pretty hard fall from that high.

I did have plans though, big ones. yes indeedie. An elaborate cake, and a picnic by the lake, and something slinky and see through.

Instead this year for our Anniversary I spent all night and day cleaning up my son's puke, running errands,  and taking my other kids to swimming lessons. And my dear hubby was having his first, very stressful, day of summer programs and by late afternoon when he got home we both fell into bed for nothing more than a REAL nap.

"We have to do SOMETHING though " said we.

So we left the kids with grandma and grandpa for an hour (didn't want to be away from the sick kidos any longer than that) and made a quick dash to....a thrift store of course! Jason needed a pair of pants and I needed a water bottle. Aren't we just so romantic?

But it was fun and cute and kidless so we enjoyed ourselves and made fun of the outrageous clothes and I almost talked Jason into a red stripped shirt and he tried to drag my away far too soon telling me I needed "Thrift Store Intervention".

He found a pair of brand new with tags slacks for $3 and when the clerk rang them up she told me "Oh this tag means they are half off." so I yelled over to Jason, without thinking, "Hey hon, good news, your pants are gonna be half off!" And everyone stared.....and Jason got his hopes up for a second until he realized I was just talking about the price of his pants. :-P

I also found myself a brand new stainless steel bottle marked down from $12 to $3 and hope it works better than my old one that Alex could open so I had to drink backwash all the time. Let this one be Alex proof, please!

And I found Rebecca a night light for $1 and now I HAVE to remind myself that her room is DONE and I don't need ANYTHING else for it, except curtains, and to leave those cute pink items alone! Just walk away from the pink. You can do it.

And we picked up the kids and came home and had dinner (E-Mealz day two went great!) and than the other kids started throwing up and the phone was ringing and there was paperwork to be done and dishes to wash and showers to be given and more vomit to be cleaned.....and we laughed and said "It's no last year's adventure but it is kinda nice to be home and normal, our year of travel wore us out."

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