Sunday, June 6, 2010

E-Mealz- Day One

Yesterday while I was running around like a crazy woman checking out yard sales and thrift stores I made a quick dash into Wal-mart to get the items on my E-Mealz list for the week. It went fine though it take take a little bit longer than a normal shopping trip just because it was a lot of items I normally never use so I had to look for them. No big deal though and probably a good thing...that's why people get stuck in a rut with cooking..they just tend to make all the same things because it's easier and quicker. I loved that some of the meals used items that were on sale for the week!

I almost didn't buy the steak it said to cost so much! We just eat ground or the cheap cuts, I've never paid that much for steak or eaten that cut before. Now granted Rebecca, Alex, and I won't eat steak because it "too tough" so that's why I didn't want to pay for it....why pay so much for food that 3 of us won't eat? But I was bound and determined to test out this program so I sucked it up and bought them.

And tonight I cooked them and......


EVERYONE ate the dish!

So um....guess it does pay to buy the nicer stuff and not the tough old cheap cuts.

So meal one was awesome and different and everyone loved it. I did have to add another side though as it just had a salad with the meat and we prefer more veggies so I steamed some broccoli. Most of the meals just have one side dish so I'll just add another veggie each night.

It was nice to have an awesome meal that I didn't have to come up with myself! It only too 20 minutes to make it too!

So one point for E-Mealz, I'll keep you updated on the rest.



  1. We've been trying it for four weeks now. My husband has been out of town for work a bit in each week, which made it a little harder, but I just keep some of the stuff set aside for another time. It is so nice to not think about what's for supper! Although we've had one so-so meal, there have been some that were out-of-the-park good. I like the variety. Hope it continues to work out for both of us!

  2. Found you from your poor_skills entries. :)
    One way to massively tenderize cheaper cuts of steak is by coating the steak with kosher or sea salt, leaving it for an hour or less (15 minutes for slimmer steaks, longer for fatter ones), and rinsing and drying it before cooking. I do this with all of my steaks, and they turn out exceptionally tender and juicy.

    A more informative link:

  3. Very interesting Evil-goose!
    Thank you I will try that out for sure!

  4. We've been thinking about trying it out. I came and read your post now I've got to go check out Evil=goose's link


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