Friday, May 28, 2010

Yard Sale Finds Friday

These are all future projects!

A sturdy coffee table that I plan on turning into a bench for my entryway. I'd like to paint it and make a cushion seat for the kids when they are dealing with winter boots and frostbite. $1

This is also for the entryway, not sure yet what to do with it, something awesome though. 25 cents

These were free! I'd like to attach legs to them and make 2 end tables. I've seen table legs at the Restore so I'm sure it's possible. Would be nice to have some sun in my living room. :-P

These two chair will be a bit of work, not even sure where I'll put them (perhaps one for each boy in their room? Reading chairs! With a cool lamp beside?) but they need paint, the seats fixed, and new cushions of course. I just thought they could turn out so pretty! $2 each.

Whew, looks like my summer is all planned out. lol

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