Sunday, May 9, 2010

I can do curtains!

I was complaining to my mom that I can't make curtains because I don't have a sewing machine and she told me there was a product called "Liquid Stitch" that I could try, and it works! I just got halfway done with making the boys some curtains from a bed sheet, so neat! When those are done I'll post photos.

I do have photos of the curtains I "made" for the bathroom though.

I found these crazy long curtains at the free yard sale and thought if I shortened them they would work great. I was going to make a hem using the liquid stitch but after I cut them I could see that it was a material that wouldn't fry so I left them without a hem for now. They are still a little bit too long but after I hem them that will be fixed.

Freaky long curtains:

Mini version, I made ties out of the leftover fabric. 

After I get the boys done, I can start on some for the office - get all the easy one window rooms out of the way before I have to figure out what to do with the 5 windows in the living room!!


  1. I must find some of that no-stitch glue as I can't sew worth a darn. :)

  2. Lyn, this site has some other no sew ideas that I might try next time.

    Oh and I got the glue from wal-mart...I think it was $3.


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