Sunday, May 2, 2010

A kitchen for free - how's that for thrifty?!

I've very pleased to say that we spent absolutely nothing on the kitchen after moving in...because freecycle was so generous! I had so many people offer us kitchen items that after the first few I had to tell them we had enough and they could offer their stuff to someone else who had a need! I think I have more kitchen items now than I ever have - in fact I've been setting aside some items that I haven't used yet to offer back up on freecycle - if i haven't used it in a month there is no need for me to keep it.

I love my kitchen as it's so homey and warm! I spend a lot of time in there cooking or baking while the older kids do homework at the table and Alex runs back and forth between everyone "helping". The table was given to us by Jason's aunt, you can read more about way I love having an old table here. In time I plan on repainting it and the chairs.

Lots of room to bake and create!

We were given so much off freecycle, dishes, utensils, tuberware, pots, pans, small appliances, rugs, and so much more! Whenever I cook I get a nice feeling knowing that I'm able to do so because of the kindness of others. (Lovely avocado green inside of the cabinets, we rent so I can't repaint but it's nice because it makes me crave salads more. lol)

Feel free to stop by for a treat, we bake every Sunday, on a mismatched plate that was given out of love, upon a table that has heard many secrets, in a kitchen that I hope we can fill with sweet memories.


  1. I really love your blog, it's so great so see how generous people were in helping you furnish your new home :)

    When we moved to our current place, we had a LOT of stuff we needed to get rid of because it was a lot smaller than where we were. We didn't know what to do with everything, so I posted on freecycle and had lots of people show up and cart stuff away!

    Keep up the great work on the house and hope to see more posts :)

  2. It is amazing isn't it!

    There is already so much stuff in the world that I know there is no need for me to buy all new items.

    We are working on my daughter's room right now and will post pics when it's done!

    Thanks for reading!


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