Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thrifty Reward

I finally broke down and took the MN driver's test, which you have to do here to get your driver's license. I wasn't happy to officially let go of my legal residence in Arkansas. :-(

Before I went in I was really nervous so I told myself if I passed I could go to the thrift store and buy myself a reward. LOL

It didn't look to promising when I sat down at the computer and got the practice question wrong. There I was to take the MINNESOTA driver's test and I didn't know the state capital of Minnesota! I started laughing when it said I got it wrong. lol

The thrift store bribe must have worked though because I did pass it on my first try! I was a little worried because everyone said it was really hard and lots of people have to retake it a few times, in fact about 5 people came in while I was there to take it and didn't pass! I think they went too fast though - next time they should try my method....stare at the screen in horror for a long, long time and then just close your eyes and choose a random answer. :-P

And guess what I found at the thrift store for $5?!!!

An ottoman for my chair!

Look at how perfect it is!
I'm sitting in my chair with my legs on it right now, so comfy!

I also picked up that magazine rack hiding behind the chair for $2, I've always got a stack of newspapers and junk mail sitting beside my chair waiting to be read, so now I can keep them in the rack.

Oh and the ottoman fits perfectly under the coffee table so we can slide it underneath there when it's not being used!

Made me feel better for the fact that I'm now a legal resident here. :-P

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  1. Good for you! I know how hard it is to give up a residence. I moved to PA from Texas almost 10 years ago and it so hurt! In case you didn't know, we Texans are PROUD people! ;) Oh, well, after some adjusting and 10 years later, I only miss it a whole lot. Oh, I mean, little... :)


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