Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunny Day Sweepin' the clouds away...

Well paint my door red, there is sunshine here! After months of snow, snow, rain, mud, rain, and more snow I was thinking I really did live where the sun don't shine.

Thank goodness I was wrong!

It's in the 70s and so nice and sunny! Now 70 degrees back home (Arkansas) would not seem all that hot but it sure feels good here!

I bought myself a $1 lawn chair at the thrift store and stocked up on library books. I expect Alex and I will be spending a lot of time out on the deck this summer. (Assuming it stays warm...for all I know it snows on and off during the summer here too.)

He saw how happy I was with my feet propped up so decided to try it also. :-)

Another thing Alex and I do every Tuesday is grocery shopping! That's when both grocery stores in town (Yes...tiny town has TWO stores....how and why I don't know as there doesn't seem to even be enough of a population for one store.) put their sale ads in our mailbox so first we walk to the one on the left and buy what's on sale, go home, have lunch, and then we walk to the one on the right. Alex loves it because he gets to push our shopping trolley! Aunt Alice gave it to us and it's so great because before we got this Alex insisted on riding in his buggy but now he walks the whole way because he likes being a big boy who gets to push the trolley!(Yes I get strange looks pushing it down the road....no I don't care. lol It was such a common sight in Belfast so I just got used to seeing people walking to the store with their trolleys. Why should I have to wait until Jason gets home to use the car when I have perfectly good legs and a nice trolley!)

Today corn on the cob, cabbage, BBQ sauce, and chicken legs were on sale so when Jason got home we had a cookout with cole slaw! It was so good that everyone asked if we could grill every night! Which is fine with me because clean-up is so much easier.

I got really hot running around outside today but....all the clothes I have are for winter! I dug around in my dresser and did find a sun dress that I brought back with me from N. Ireland but....it is now 5 sizes too big on me AND one of the straps was broken. But...being the thrifty girl that I am....I was able to cinch the back up with a brooch:

And then I cut the other strap and turned the dress into a halter top...it worked great and I am now the proud owner of.....a sunburn! lol

See...it's a good thing I drug (is that the past tense of drag? dragged? Hey, I have hillbilly roots - don't judge me.) it all the way back with me! lol

* Edit to add this helpful bit from grammarerrors.com*

"Drug is often used as the past tense of drag, as in the following example:
Example: I drug myself out of bed this morning.
The past tense of drag is actually dragged, not drug. This error is particularly common in speech. Even Bill Clinton once made this blunder on national television, returning to bad habits he developed as a youth growing up in Arkansas.
Remember that the word drug should never be associated with any kind of pulling action. It should only be used when referring to some type of medicinal substance."

Cracked me up because both Bill and I are from Arkansas!

Anyways, I'm not sure why I kept it, since I left 99% of what we had there. Maybe because I wore it when Lorraine took me out to the opera, a great night!, so I have happy feelings associated with it. Plus, I got it at a pound shop...there are no pound shops here so when someone asks me where I got it and I say "at a wee pound shop"...it's a good conversation starter. :-P

Here's me wearing it back in N. Ireland....I think it looks better now!(I look really tired in this photo....course I never did sleep really well there - being in a foreign country tends to do that to some. )

AND.....I have a new niece!
Congratulations to my big sis, Rachel!


  1. I like the halter top better than when it was a dress. And geez your sister looks awesome for just having a baby!

  2. My sister looks awesome no matter what she does...if she were knee deep in poo she'd look good!


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