Saturday, May 8, 2010

More tween room peek

Today we dyed and painted!

I found some white curtains off freecycle and Rebecca found some pink fabric dye at the thrift store for 40 cents! The black bow is just a piece of freecycle fabric, I'm keeping an eye out of nice, thick, cloth ribbon to replace it. Dyeing is fun...we'll need to find something else to dye!

This black shelf we got off freecycle, we found the woven baskets at the thrift store for 20 cents each and painted them pink. She's not sure yet what she's going to put in them.

I mentioned the box of pink sign letters we found in my last post....this is the awesome sign her grandpa made for her to put the letters on! The letters slide into the slates. We painted it today and she can't wait for it to dry so she can test it out!

All we have left to do, is to paint the bookshelves, paint and decoupage the dresser, paint 3 wall shelves, and find a bedspread set!

*Edit to add*

It was dry enough to test out the letters! She LOVES it and said she's going to change the sayings
everyday. :-)

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  1. She's doing a great job. I love pink. Follow me back as I'm doing the same thing in my craft room.


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