Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second Hand Basement Hide-a-way for $24.50

When the kids first learned that there was a basement in our house they were so excited and asked if they could have it. Since I think basements are dark and creepy I said it was all theirs...I wanted nothing to do with it. *shudders*

The basement has 3 empty corners, the 4th is where the furnace lives, so they each have their own space. Alex won't go down there unless one of the older kids is down there but he has his play area upstairs to hang out in during the day.

Rebecca asked for a low craft table, a bean bag, and some shelves.
Jarod asked for a TV, DVD player, and a big comfy chair.
Alex asked for a sandbox but once we did find one for him he wanted it outside so instead we did a reading tent instead.

*Rebecca's Crafty Spot
I found the table at the thrift store for $6.
The shelves and totes I got off freecycle, she filled them with board games, puzzles, and all her craft supplies.
I found a bean bag, not pictured here, at a yard sale for $3.
Right now she's working on a scrapbook and some designer watches.  She really enjoys having her own spot to work and is always creating neat crafts.

*Jarod's Movie Hide-a-way
The TV I got off freecycle, the dvd player was given to him by the in-laws when they got a new one, and the chair he picked out himself from a second hand store for $15. He keeps his movies in the cabinet which we got off freecycle.
The table was already there.
He also put a little blue chair next to his for Alex, so he could watch movies with him. :-)

*Alex's peek a boo tent
Alex only goes down in the basement to play if Rebecca or Jarod are down there as he gets a bit scared qll alone so I knew he wouldn't want to be inside a tent if he couldn't see them. However, I was digging around in the box of fabric I had gotten of freecycle and found a whole roll of some sturdy lace/net looking stuff!
It was perfect, it allows him to see big sis and bro but still has all the fun of a hide-a-way! Alex LOVES it! We put some rugs I found at a yard sale for 50 cents, pillow and blanket (gifts),  and some books (freecycle),  inside and he was so excited!

So to recap.
Rebecca's: $9
Jarod's: $15
Alex's: .50
Total: $24.50!!

Is it all super cute and matching and modern and could be found at an upscale daycare? NO....but it was affordable and it's fun and I don't have to worry about them messing new things up.  They LOVE it and have so much fun down there!

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