Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thrift Store Tuesday

I have been staying away from the thrift stores lately because we are going on a trip for Memorial Day, so our funds are being saved for that.

Today however, I realized that Alex and I needed bathing suits for our weekend trip and I really wanted to get another summery outfit so I decided to stop in the Goodwill but vowed to stay away from the furniture and other house furnishings.

It was hard though because they had a computer desk and a cute end table and 3 recliners! Three! Wouldn't it be cute to do a living room with all chairs and no couch? Not that I'm getting tired of my ugly couch just yet, but wouldn't something like this be neat?

I also saw some cute curtains and a sign that I liked, we'll see if they are still there in a few weeks - if not no biggie as there are always other ideas to play around with.

I did find a nice outfit, not my usual style but it works and I won't melt to death in it.
Top was $1
Pants were $2
Flip flops were .50
Oh and that yellow chair I got last time for $1, I sit in it and read on sunny days. :-P

I also found a cute purse for $2, the only other one I have is a heavy winter one so I was thrilled to switch over to a lighter one.

Alex's Tigger swimsuit! It was 50 cents.
He tested it out in the sprinkler.

 I was very happy to find a simple black suit for $5!

So....I know I told myself I wasn't buying items for the house but, I could not pass up these next two items because they were something that Rebecca has been wanting so bad - wall stickers!
She saw wall stickers in a magazine while we were fixing up her room and asked if she could get some, I looked them up online but balked at the price and told her I'm sure we could make our own. (I didn't really think we'd find any at a thrift store or yard sale.) So I was so excited when I found two boxes of wall stickers today AND they had pink in them! (I still want to try making my own though, perhaps for the living room.)
One was $2 and one was $3.

She was beyond thrilled! She ran right to her room and put the squares over her bed and the others on her door. What's neat is that you can take them on and off so she can redecorate over and over.

 Rebecca really lucked out on wall decor today because while I was in town Jason's  sweet Aunt Alice treated me to lunch (I never had a close aunt growing up so I'm delighted to steal Jason's away.) and she had some gifts for the kids, (I told you she was a sweetheart) including a pink ribbon board for Rebecca!

Total today: $16

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