Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boy's Room

Now that we're almost done with Rebecca's room, it's time to start planning the boys.

They could care less, (I asked them both and they just gave me a blank look and mumbled "colors? what?") so I'm thinking primary. And bunk beds. I think I saw a whole bunch of bunk beds at the Restore last time I was there. And once I get a sewing machine I could make a tent for it!

Jarod has a dresser I'd like to paint, perhaps do each drawer a different color like this:

And I'd like to find one of these rugs:

My problem is that I only need a tiny bit of red, blue, and green paint. Can you buy tiny containers of paint? Or I guess it wouldn't hurt to have leftovers for future projects. Hmmmmm.


  1. Yes Lowe's sells sample sized cans of paint that are perfect for small projects. you can get them in any color

  2. oooooo, I can not wait to see you work on and finish the boys room. I hope to have a new house to redo in the next few years. Also I second asking for the small sample paint. Also I noticed at wal-mart they have small paint containers next to the spray paint cans. Not sure what material they work on though.

  3. You can also buy acrylic craft paint at Michael's or JoAnn's. That's what I used to redo my son's dresser.

  4. Hmmmm, we live hours from a city so there is not a Lowe's, Michael's or JoAnn's but there is a Home Depot so I will check out their small can situation.

    Mini vacation this weekend but next weekend I might drag out the paint! :-P

  5. Giedion (spl) is giving away paint samples that cover 3 is a link

  6. Oh fun!

    Thank you, I will try for some of those!

  7. I used craft paints to paint the drawers of my daughters dresser. It gave me the amount I needed for a little over a $1 a bottle except the colors I knew I needed more of and bought the bottles that cost around $2.


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