Friday, May 7, 2010

Gifted bathroom & laundry room for $10

We really lucked out in the bathroom department, because our relatives are so generous!
Our bathroom is also our laundry room and I love that because after the kids takes a shower their dirty clothes go right into the hamper!"

Jason's amazing aunt had asked us what we wanted as a housewarming gift and I really had no idea..."I think I have everything I need." said I. She replied "Oh poosh, well what to you WANT then?" And the first thing that popped into my head was "A nice, fluffy bathmath!".
Well her heart always overflows more than normal so she got us THREE nice, fluffy bathmats, plus a toilet cover, AND a bunch of matching towels! I get all giddy every time I go to the bathroom. :-P

The over the toilet cabinet was already here when we moved it.

I really love the tan and sage colors, so relaxing.

The tan cup and tan & sage tooth brush holder I got as the free yard sale.
The bamboo soap holder was a Christmas gift.

The washer & dryer come with the house though we rarely use the dryer since we line dry.
The shelf was from my mother-in-law and it's so perfect for our laundry nook! She had it down in her basement and I was so excited when she said I could have it!
The only thing we had to purchase was the laundry hamper ($8) and trash can ($2).

I found some crazy, long, sage curtains at the free yard sale and thought if I shortened them they would work great. I think they turned out cute, not bad for free!

I do miss having a bathtub at times but we are all getting used to just having a shower and at least I don't have to buy a shower curtain. :-)

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