Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Mother's Day

Jason kept the kids away as long as possible so I could sleep in, which was so wonderful. As soon as I opened one eye the kids ran in giggling with their tokens of love. So sweet. Breakfast in bed, cards, crafts etc.
So adorable to be pampered by them!!

Jarod's craft was really special to me. Because of his aspergers and developmental cognitive delays we were told he would probably never be able to write.

                                                  Obviously, he is overcoming sooooo much!

Jason picked up lunch from my favorite restaurant, taking all the kids with him so I could have some peace!

Then I walked over to the high school to help set up for the family prom! The high school prom was on Saturday and they left the decorations up so that they could have a family prom on Sunday for the town! I thought this was just a beautiful idea. They had donations of pizza, cakes, fruit and veggie trays, and punch from area business as well as a DJ and a professional photographer. And mums for all the mothers! It was a walk in event so Rebecca walked over after it started with the boys and I got to dance with them for awhile, and we got our photo taken but it won't come in for weeks. It was so cute - I'd say about half the people had went all out and were wearing formal gowns and there were some really good dancers there! I actually have a formal dress, that fits like a glove...I found it for 10 cents at a yard sale, but since I knew I'd be putting up decorations, cleaning up know things that required me to bend...I just wore a nice shirt and skirt. lol
I did however fix my hair...."fix" meaning "not in a bun like normal". :-)

We all had a lot of fun, I love it when the community has such awesome free events for families!

Oh and my picture ended up in the paper. (See....good thing I took the time to brush my hair!)
Jarod was upset though when he saw it "Why'd they put that one in when they could have put one of  ME dancing with you?" :-)

Let's see...what else?

Oh, Alex got his hair cut. :-(
He does not look like my baby anymore. :-(

I'm also thinking about cutting my hair...maybe even bangs! Not sure though as I don't mind my long hair and every time I get it cut I hate it and just wait for it to grow out again. So why would I cut it...I guess I'm hoping one of these days I'll end up with a cut I'll love more. Plus it's going through it's "blah" stage...limpish. We'll see if I get brave enough to do something different.

We are still having tons of rain...Rebecca and I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to paint her bookshelves! I hope it drys out enough this weekend to get them done, can't wait to see how they will turn out! They are the kitchen cabinets that my FIL tore out of his house - I saw them and thought they'd be perfect for her room! We'll see. :-)

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