Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Wall Shelves!

Whew, wore out! We painted all day!
We got about half done and hope to finish the rest tomorrow!

We found these four block things when we moved in. They were waaay up on top of a shelf and covered in years of grime - a nasty gray color. We painted them and attached some awesome scrapbook paper, that my sister sent to Rebecca, to the back. (Thanks Rachel!) She's going to put them up on her wall and perhaps put candles inside. (Unlit candles!)

This shelf I got at a yard sale, it was in horrible condition and said "free or trash". lol
I think it is supposed to go over a toilet but we'll use it for knick knacks. :-P
We painted it black and put polka dots all over it. 

This little rack I found at the free sale and thought she could hang jewelry from it, or scarves.
Not fun to try to paint the pegs a different color as the base! lol

We got two of the bookshelves done so tomorrow we have 3 bookshelves left and her dresser.
And then I'll need a nap.

We are actually running really low on pink paint so I really, really hope there is enough left!

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