Friday, May 28, 2010

5 minute lamp redo

Today Rebecca informed me that her swimsuit was too small.

Not sure why she couldn't have let me know this earlier, perhaps when I was SHOPPING FOR SWIMSUITS a few days ago! Or any of the other hundred times I was in the big town. Nope, wait until the last day before we leave for our vacation. lol

Of course I wasn't too unhappy about having to run to the thrift store again....I always find something worth my while. I did find her the perfect bathing suit, new with tags even, for $2.

I also came home with this little guy.

And when I got home, we spent 5 minutes turning it into something that matched with her room better. 3 minutes of that time was spent trying to pry those diamond mirrors off...which didn't work so we just left them for now. I had also found a pretty shade at the same store.

Lamp: $1 - Goodwill
Shade: $1 - Goodwill
Paint: Already had

$2 lamp in 5 minutes!

And since it's a wood base, if we ever decide to redo it with a more complicated design that won't be too much of a problem.

She loves it!

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