Friday, May 7, 2010

Tween Room preview

Stayed tune...because in a few weeks (I hope) we should have Rebecca's room all done! We are going all out!
She wanted pink and black, with a hint of kittens, and she's been hunting in thrift stores all month long and finding some amazing items!

 Berry rug - $2 from thrift store

Pink fabric - Freecycle
Black beads - Gift from a friend
Not sure if we'll keep this, might look for something else for her closet doorway but it's working for now.

Cat picture - $1 thrift store
(Ummm yes, that would be my toddler....he says the kittens make him cry. I dunno. )

6 8x10 photo collages - FREE
An online photo stir was having a special - one free collage per person, well there are 5 people in our house and a friend got us one! I just pulled random pink sweet photos off the internet. (probably infringing on several copyright laws in the process ....... but it's not like I'm reselling them or anything.) We plan on finding some frames for them on freecycle or thrift stores.

Kitten knick knacks and pink baskets she finds at sales for around 10 cents each.

My father-in-law gave me his old kitchen cabinets and we made them into a perfect bookshelf, it's huge and should hold all her books. She is helping me paint it this weekend, we got pink and black OOPS paint (half price!) at Home Depot.

She is decoupaging her dresser that we got off freecycle with pink bits of magazines. I found her 2 little black knicknack shelves at the free yard sale and she's been collecting little wall shelves that she's going to paint. And we found a box of pink letters at the free sale, that are used on signs, the ones you can change and my FIL is making her a sign so she can spell out sayings on it.  The only thing I haven't been able to find second hand is a bedspread....she wants a black one with pink pillows so I'll keep looking but we might have to break down and buy one new OR perhaps Ebay?

I can't wait until it's all done!


  1. That paint brush looks like it's in sad shape.

  2. Only you would notice that. lol



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