Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thrifty Fashion: $1 buys 5 winter outfits!

I just love the yard sales the church across the street has! They do them about 4 times a year and that's where about 80% of my clothes come from because they do $1 a bag sales!! And I can fit a lot of clothes in one bag!

It got really cold here starting last month, in the 40s, which my southern blood just hates so of course I dug out my winter clothes....clothes I had just put away 2 months ago! How can you only have 2 months of summer?! The good news is all my winter clothes were too big on me....the even better news is that meant I got to run across the street with a dollar in my pocket and get a new winter wardrobe!

Last winter was our first winter here, our first real winter ever though as "winter" in the south is a joke...nothing compared to this! I didn't even own a coat in Arkansas! So it has taken me awhile to get used to wearing so much clothing....not a great fan of it as it makes me feel fat and bulky - sweaters are not very flattering on me, but at least I stay warm!

Anyway, back to the bag sale! I was really excited because I found some great items that matched really well! Lots of pinks and maroons, I guess those are my winter colors. lol I was able to find 5 really great outfits for going places, which I'll post photos of, and 6-7 "really warm for around the house" outfits...which I will not be posting photos of because you don't need to see me looking like a bag lady with 4 millions layers of clothes! (Though...I guess I am a bag lady....a $1 bag lady! hah!)

One buck - 5 Outfits! 

Button up w/ maroon stripes
Maroon Cardigan 

Purple Skirt
Beatles Tee
Maroon Hoodie

I was holding in a sneeze here.  When I saw the photo I laughed because I look quite sexy while I'm holding in sneezes! From now on I might walk around, sniffing pepper, and holding in sneezes. :-P
Green tank top
Green and white cardigan
White tank top

Floral Skirt
Brown tank top
Pink peasant shirt
Pink Cardigan 
(The two pink tops are the same color, the flash messed the photo up though.)

Huge pink sweater 
Beige tank top

Sadly, it's only in the 40s. In a short while it will be in the NEGATIVE 40s!!!!!!!!

At which point I might be wearing a snowsuit all day long.

But maybe if I hold in sneezes whilst wearing it...I might still look good! :-P

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  1. Awesome outfits!! I'm super jealous. I rely on my shopaholic sister for new/trendy outfits, but she's cut back... :(

    I'm going to check around but I popped in to see how your P90X workout is going.


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