Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dress spruce up!

You know that little black dress I mentioned yesterday?
The one that cost me less 10 cents? (dollar grab bag)

Well, I like it ok. But I don't love it.

I thought I could take the buttons off and tolerate it, (I have some weird button phobia) but the buttons are not just decorative...they acutally hold the dress together so those suckers are not coming off. So I was all "meh" about the dress and was going to just put it in my "to donate" pile but as I tossing it in the pile I saw another dress I had thrown in there last week. It's a white lace sundress that I got while we were in N. Ireland but with my recent weight loss it doesn't fit me anymore. "It kind of looks like a petticoat though." I said to myself. (Yes, I talk to myself...) "And my black dress has a sort of 1950s feel to it..." I decided to see if I could put the two together and come up with something that would make me happy.

* I put on the white dress and layered the black one over it.
*I used my grandmas brooch to pin up one side of the black dress to show off the white a little more.
* I dug out my pearls that I won off a website years and years ago.
* I shined my black flats. (I do NOT wear heels...have never been able to stand them. A wedge heel once in a while but never those sharp, pointy things. Come on guys, you know how clumsy I am....I'd kill myself in seconds in those things.)

And......voila! Success! I'm very happy with the look! And the best part is, if I change my mind all I have to do is unpin the black dress, take off the white dress, and it's back to normal in seconds.

Before (Toddler sold separately.)


Anywho, kept me busy for awhile so I didn't have to think about all the kids going back to school next week!!! :-(


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  1. Aaaack! SO cute! I want one! You may have just started a new trend!


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