Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I only exist when my toddler can see me...

Whew, the past few weeks have been insane!
For lots of reasons but one being that my 4 year old is going to pre-school two days a week!
And I have never sent a kid off to school so young. (We home schooled our older kids until 2 years ago.)
So, I was a basket case trying to cut that cord!
It's going really well though and he's really enjoying school and being a big boy. He's so proud that he gets to go to school like his older brother and sister. But he still loves his days off with mom. On non-school days he askes to curl up with me and says "I like you too much." We also do a lot of math with him on his off days as he loves numbers and adding, he turns everything in the world into math problems. He'll be past my level in just a few years for sure.

I love it when he gets home from school and throws himself into my arms and tells me all about his day.

He tells me that he loooves Miss Sarah.
That waiting in lines is really, really hard.
That he paints and then puts his picture on the drying rack.
That he doesn't have to take a nap anymore...just a little rest. (He stopped taking naps at 18 months so nap time didn't go over very well at school. heh)
That he has to keep his shoes on all the time. (He hates shoes. lol)
That there is a girl's and a boy's bathroom but there are no bathtubs or showers in the bathrooms.
That he gets tired of all the noise.
That his lunch is different from every one else but it's better.
That it's not fair that he has to play on the little playground when the big one looks so much more fun.
That the sand table it awesome but the other kids spill the sand.
That the puzzles are too easy.
That playing in the gym in fun.
That he's glad he's a big boy because school is fun...but only for 2 days. "Two days is better than five."

Then I made the mistake of asking him "Do you want to hear what I did today?"
He looked confused and said "I know what you did. You waved goodbye to me and then you were there to pick me up."


I cease to exist while he's at school of course. 


  1. Love it... Love the minds of our children!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that he exists just for you, lol

  3. Huh, did I just say he exists for you, or you exist for him? You know what I mean though, I'm sure!

  4. That's so wonderful that he observes and comments on so many different things. He sounds very intelligent! When my daughter was little, she hated the noise in school also, especially in the cafeteria. Great post! :)


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