Thursday, September 2, 2010

Caveman Cafe: Yesterday and Today

I'm trying to blog each meal we have to make is easier for me in a few months when I plan on typing up a list of all the meals we had, to make meal planning easier.

Yesterday we had meatloaf muffins, meatloaf made in muffin pans. They freeze really well so are great for lunches too! Also had a side salad and mashed cauliflower.(You can tell we like our comfort foods. hah)

Today Jason made dinner! Now, I wouldn't label it as healthy sure was good and he stuck with all the food on our "approved" list. He made battered fish, hush puppies, and coleslaw. He used coconut flour to coat the fish, coconut oil to cook them, and added egg and coconut milk to the batter to make the hush puppies. It was REALLY awesome and even Rebecca, who hates fish, ate a ton!

I decided we needed to treat ourselves to some dessert, rare in our house, and made pumpkin pudding! It's so easy and the kids just love it! All you do is open a can of pure pumpkin, pour it in a bowl and add cinnamon, coconut milk, and your choice of sweetener. Not a lot of milk, just until it's smooth and creamy. Mix it all up and eat, unless you want it hot, then just heat it up. The kids call it pumpkin pie in a bowl. lol If it is hot outside you can throw it in a blender with some ice or frozen bananas for a very yummy pumpkin smoothie!

I'm thinking about seeing if I can make pumpkin jello soon.... should be interesting!

Let's see, oh for lunch yesterday the kids helped me make a chicken and vegetable stew. Tons of veggies from the garden, a bit of leftover chicken, and herbs and spices. Very good, in fact we ate it all before I thought to take a photo. hah!

The kids want pizza tomorrow so I'm going to try to make a crust and some cashew cheese. Yup, cheese from a cashew. I've had it before...not bad at all in fact.

But for now I've got to go clean up the mess Jason's fish fry left in my kitchen. lol

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