Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Day of Summer

"Kids, school time is HERE!!! Arrrghhhh, what should we do on our last day of summer!?"

Go swimming!

"Oh, sorry. 50 degrees outside....too cold."

Go to the library or the children's museum or the forest museum!

"Ach, sorry.... holiday weekend, they are closed."

Go on a drive and find something awesome....and then eat pizza and chocolate milk!!!

"Uh, ok.... we'll try!!!"

And succeed we did.

Turns out there is an old, abandoned school 30 miles away, with an awesome playground!

It's huge, this is jsut one corner of it.

The boys turned me into a dragon and ran around protecting their fort whilst dancing and climbing and jumping and begging to stay forever and a day. Rebecca found a nook to hide from her brothers and read.

And when we got home we had paleo pizza and chocolate almond milk!

(Next post will show how I made the pizza!)'s time for me to cry because our beautiful summer is over and I have to miss the kids...even Alex who will be going two days a week to head start!!!! :-(

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  1. Ha! We had this same dilemma this morning. What to do?! Looks like you came across something very cool. Great Pictures too!


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