Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's part of our family

I've been getting some emails asking if we still have our ugly couch (the only one we could find at the time, it was that...or the floor!).....and the answer is "Yup, we sure do!".

It's grown on us! :-p

I have added some more "homey" items to the living room though. Curtains, wall art, bookshelves, my awesome antique dresser from freecycle, photos etc.
Only spent a few dollars more, most of it came from freecycle or were items we had in storage. It's still not going to be featured in any magazine out there but it only cost us $55 for everything in it and it's a room....that you can sit in. So we are pleased.



See how happy Mr. Ugly Couch is to have a family to love him! :-P

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