Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never dull around my girl

I try to make sure I take Rebecca out every other Saturday for some quality girl time. She's my only daughter so it's nice for both of us to get a break from the boys! (The in-between Saturdays I take my boys out, so I get lots of fun Saturdays!)

Today we were excited because there was a fashion show at a mall in the area. I figured it wouldn't hurt me to acutally take a peak at the latest trends, could help me out when I'm buying my clothes at thrift stores. heh And Rebecca has been getting into fashion as of late so she wanted some new ideas too. I'm also throwing around the idea of putting on a second hand fashion show in our town so wanted ideas for that concept.

The show today was partnered with an animal shelter, which was so cute because they had some of the animals walking down the runway with the models! Rebecca, an avid animal lover, was in heaven and I had a hard time prying her away from the cages when the show started.

All the models were adorable, they had a mix of young, old, male, and female in all shapes and sizes! What I saw the most of were "jeggings", cute... but not something my thighs would ever squeeze into. LOL

The un-dull part came next.
 The MC started to pull names out of the door prize drawing box....when we first got there Rebecca had seen the box and said she would put our names in, she was over there for an awfully long time too. Anyway, so the MC read off a few names and then the next one was Rebecca's and she ran up there to get her organic treat basket. Then, uh the next name was also Rebecca's... "Oh," said the MC "I must have thrown her name back in by mistake." I slid a look over at Rebecca...who was looking perfectly innocent. But I knew better.... And of course the next name he called out was also Rebecca's! He paused and everyone looked over at us. "Uh, how many times did you put your name in hon?" Rebecca just shruged. And smiled. The MC threw her name out and drew another name....and it was mine! I turned red. And meekly walked up to claim my prize, a gift certificate to the mall. And then walked back past our seats,  motioned to Rebecca to met me outside, and headed towards the door so we could her name was called out AGAIN. "Mom! There was no sign that said you had to only put your name in once...I looked all over! Those prizes are mine you know. They aren't going to give them to me are they? I want to go back and file a complaint."

Those of you who know my way too smart for her own good daughter know she loves and abides in rules, but if there is a loophole she will find it. When she was 7 months old I told her to keep her hands off the houseplant....a few minutes later I found her sitting on the table...touching it with her TOES and a very defiant look on her face while she showed me her hands behind her back!

Like I said...never a dull moment around her. lol

After the show I took her to the nursing home where she volunteers three times a week, they have a huge aviary that she takes care of- she helps clean and feed the birds. I've worked in home health, assisted living, and nursing home settings every since she was a baby so she's used to that atmosphere and she just loves all the birds and has high hopes of taming them.

We also always go to the library so she can load up on books and sometimes check out the local shops or farmer's market. It doesn't matter, just as long as we are out and away from the house we have fun. Oh and thrift stores too! She loves the Goodwill more than I do I think! :-P
She's great at picking out outfits too:

And what do the boys do while the girls are gone??

Make messes for mom to clean up of course. :-P

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  1. Hilarious!! Love the pink shoes... She looks so tall and old.


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