Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things my kids say

I'm a mother.
My kids are adorable.
So yes, I will be annoying at times and post the cute things they say. :-)

Me: Jarod aren't you going to get the mail today?
Jarod: Nah
Me: Uh, why not? You get it everyday.
Jarod: It's Thursday.
Me: And....
Jarod: There's never anything good in the box on Thursday. So why bother?

Jarod: I want to be a cop when I grow up.
Me: So you can uphold the law of the land?
Jarod: No....so I can eat donuts everyday. Duh

Alex: *Trying to talk me into the bag of giant marshmallows at the store*
Me: No sweetie, let's put them back. They will just give you a tummy ache.
Alex: But mommy, I will cut them in half and then eat both halves, so they will be smaller and not be too much in my tummy.

Jarod, in a whisper: Here Alex, go give this to mommy.
Alex: Eh no, why does mommy want a dead flower!?
Jarod: It's not dead. It's.....picked.
Alex: You picked it dead.

Alex: *Looking at my list* "How do you buy "huh?"
Me: Buy what?
Alex: huh? huh? You want to buy huh?
Me: I have no idea what you are talking about, silly boy.
Alex: Grabs the list and points to the spot where I had put down "??? for Jason" and says "you want to buy three 'huh?" for daddy but how do you buy "huh?".
(He didn't know it was called a question mark but knew the concept..."huh?" is the sound cartoon characters make when they are confused and question marks float around their head. lol)

Rebecca: After explaining that if we move to the Netherlands the school she would be going to would be taught in Dutch: "But mom, I wouldn't be able to understand them for a FEW DAYS!"
(We've always encouraged her self-confidence but this time we did have to explain that it will probably take her longer than a few days to learn Dutch. lol)

P.S. Jason has another interview with the university on Thursday so stay tuned for that update! :-P

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  1. Omg, those made me giggle, I love kids logic!


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