Saturday, October 16, 2010

Computers are taking over

Ever since our huge laptop crashed last year and I replaced it with a tiny notebook, the kids have been begging for a desktop. "How do you do anything on that itty bitty thing mom? It's soooo lame." (Everything I do is lame to them though so I'm not too worried. Though it did worry me when my four year old called me a n00b yesterday! lol)

My husband knows how to build computers so he asked me to keep an eye on freecycle for old ones so he could put something together for the kids. It's acutally been really fun, for the past few months we've been going out on "computer salvage dates." :-)

He finally found enough parts to build one complete computer for the kids, they are playing on it right now! Of course they are using it on the floor because I forgot that we'd need a computer desk too! That's now next on my freecycle list. lol

Want to know what the aftermaths of a computer salvage operation looks like?
Here's the leftover computer parts in Jason's office.
(But note the game table in the back corner, I loooove the fact the he put that in there just so he could play games with the kids while he works!)

Sooo, what to do with all these useless electronic items?
They can't go in our trash. (It's harmful to the environment.)

And we really don't want to just chuck them into our basement. 

Perhaps some crafts?

A cat house?

Or a fish tank?

Or here's an an awesome blog about an e-waste recycler, she's got some amazing computer jewelry!

Or we could recycle them properly, more info HERE.

Ok in other news, I might be shutting down my blog. I started blogging 6 years ago so my large family could stay up to date with us, however I use facebook for that now and like it better because it's private. Plus I've really been struggling to find time to post updates. There's not a lot going on right now anyway, we'll be here for another year at least but when we do move I promise to come back to blog about our next adventure. :-)
I'll be posting a review once in a while but not much more for the time being.


  1. That's too bad! I really enjoy hearing your little updates here and there.

  2. I am sad that you won't be blogging any longer. I came across your site a few months ago and enjoy following it especially since I only live a town away! Hope you decide to continue with it. I had never heard of Freecycle and other things until I read your blog. Take care & best of luck

  3. Love the fish tank! Welcome to MN!


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