Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, additive-free: Patriotic Pops

I'm going to try to start posting a little bit of the yummy foods that we eat, as I know it's hard for moms of children with allergies to figure out what to cook. I love it when my mommy blogger friends post recipes of what their children with allergies are eating too!

Today I wanted to figure out a way to make red, white, and blue ice cream, using no milk or sugar or food dye of course. It turned out great, I was very pleased and so were the kids!

This "recipe" can also be used for smoothies or popsicles.

It's not really a recipe because I never measure anything. lol

Ok, so I started with canned coconut milk. I used Thai Kitchen Pure, I wouldn't recommend the lite ones at all. Try not to drink it all out of the can as soon as you open it, I know it's hard to resist though!

I poured that into the blender and added about 20 drops of Vanilla Flavored Liquid Stevia. I just got these bottles of stevia in the mail a few days ago and just love them, we also have the chocolate flavor and the mango flavor. (Stevia is a herb. A herb that is really sweet so they sell it as a sweetener. It's pure and natural, not an artificial sweetener, it's sugar-free and carb -free, and is safe for diabetics.)

Then I added some ice and blended it all up, and this was my base mix. I separated the mix into 3 bowls, to one bowl I added bananas (white), to one bowl I added strawberries (red), and to one bowl I added blueberries (blue). (Fresh fruit works good if you have it or frozen is fine and will make it thicker) I then blended each bowl up separately and voila! Red, White, and Blue ice cream!

 Or it could be called smoothies since it was nice and soft, if you like it harder just pop it in the freezer for a bit. We ate ours out of big, glass mugs!

With the leftovers I layered the colors into freezer pop molds, and stuck them in the freezer for a while:

And they turned out beautifully! 

I just LOVE it when a great treat comes together perfectly and taste great too! AND is healthy and safe for all my kids!



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