Friday, July 2, 2010

No socks. No Service??

As I mentioned, Fridays are hectic. Really crazy. Tear you ovaries out insane kind of day. It's the only weekday I have access to our car so we have to cram all the kids therapies in, Alex and Rebecca have speech and then Jarod has speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. These all take an hour...each, on a good day they can schedule them all in a roll, on a bad day they are spread out and we have to find things to do to fill the time, they are in another town so there isn't time to run home and drop off kids that are finished. And on the really bad days they are scheduled early in the morning and I have to wake them up early to get there on time. I bring toys and snacks but we all still get cranky and bored and tired.

Today while we had an hour to kill I took the kids to McDonald's, to play...not to eat. I wanted to take them to the park but I couldn't find one, I even had directions to one from a staff member but I was brain dead and couldn't figure them out. So we went to the magical indoor play area and it was.....not magical.

The kids ran into the play area while I ordered some orange juice. I walked in with the juice a few minutes later to find all three of them looking like someone had taken away their favorite toy. I mean, I know McDonald's isn't all it's cracked up to be...but I didn't expect big huge frowns.
"What's wrong? Not fun?"
The big lady yelled at Alex. YELLED at him mom! Said he can't play because....because he's got no socks!
Alex ran into my arms sobbing that his feet were NOT dirty! 
I looked around and sure enough there was a sign that said "No socks. No Play."

Really? You now have to wear socks? When did this start? I haven't been to a McDonald's in years but last time we went, in AR, that was not a requirement. I'm pretty sure if they tried that in AR, at least where I'm from, they'd lose a lot of business. Most people in AR I know don't wear hot! Shoot....lots of us Hillbillies don't even own shoes! :-P

Rebecca saved the day by offering her socks to Alex, so that he could run around in socks way too big on him and trip all over the place. Yeah. Much safer than bare feet. And she sneaked up to the top and stayed up there where the big, mean lady couldn't see her feet. And everyone was being so good that I decided I could run to the bathroom...that was 2 inches away...because...what could happen in the 30 seconds it would take, right?


I was mid-pee when I heard a siren go off.

And I  knew what had happened.
I just knew that it was the fire door.
And I just knew that it was my kid that had opened it.
(And turned out I was right.)

I thought about just staying in the bathroom. (Hey, only for a second...or two. I'm human.)

Anyway, we made it through all that and headed back to Jarod's last therapy session....where in answer to the question "My you sure are growing up aren't you" he proudly pulled down his sleeve, showed his therapist his newly grown armpit hair, and said "Yup! And I'm got even more on my legs now!"

I think that at that point my ovaries packed their bags and left for good.


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  1. Oh my gosh, what a day! I like your sense of humor about it all:-)


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