Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mother's Natural Cereals (Review)

I'm always on the lockout for cereals that are naturally sweetened. We don't do HFCS, white sugar, or artificially sweetened.

We actually very rarely use maple syrup, honey, or molasses either. Cereal is about the only food I buy that's sweet. If we want something for dessert or to snack on it's usually fruit or I make something with Stevia. There is one amazing organic product, made with organic evaporated cane juice, that we do splurge on- Yummy Earth Suckers. But more on that later! (Teaser....We'll be doing a Yummy Earth Giveaway Soon!)

I might sound like a big, huge meanie of a mom but that's what works best for our family. None of us handle sugar very well at all and our bodies thank us for refraining. The kids don't suffer either, I've been experimenting with healthy baking for years and years and know how to make some really yummy desserts, ones that even die hard sugar fans love.

But sometimes I don't feel like spending all day in the kitchen whipping up a decadent chocolate cake or we have to run out the door but the kids need a snack for in the car.....that's when I fall back on cereal.

Up until now I haven't gotten excited about any of the cereals. I mean, they are ok. They taste fine and fill us up but they didn't give me that "OMG, So yummy!" that you get from say...Captain Crunch. I loved his peanut butter crunch!

However, a few days ago I was in Cubs and saw a new cereal on the shelf....Mother's Bumpers Cereals.
They had a cocoa one AND a peanut butter one! I threw both in my cart for the kids as we had so many different doctor's and therapies this week that I knew we'd need snacks for waiting rooms. Of course as soon as I got home and the kids saw the attractive boxes they tore into them and started shouting about how good they were. Rebbeca even said "Are you sure we can eat this? It's so sweet and yummy!" So I rechecked the ingredients and there was only honey and molasses listed.

Then I made the mistake of eating some....OMG, so yummy! Tasted just like my favorite childhood cereal! I'm not ashamed to admit I ate a huge bowl of it right there. And hid the rest so I could have another bowl later. :-)

What's nice is it is made with corn so my wheat-free child can eat it too! And it goes great with our rice milk so our dairy-free family members enjoy it also! In fact, all of us love it!

Sadly, I even have a spot just for this cereal listed in our budget....*blushes*

And I just saw that I can buy it by the case from I really need a case of cereal?

I might. lol

I did not receive compensation for this post. (I'm just a HUGE fan!) 

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