Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tween Room Update!

I'm so very, very happy to report that Rebecca's room is OFFICIALLY done! Curtains and all!

This post is just a few of the items we recently added and then in my next post I'll post complete before and after photos!

I finally found some black curtains ($10), and boy have they really helped her to sleep better! They block out all the light, and there is a lot of light up here right now. But they were boring. So Aunt Alice came to the rescue and crocheted us some flowers for them! (free!) (She can make anything with yarn....seriously. She's awesome.) I also found a pink scarf at a bag sale (10 cents), cut it in half, and draped that over the top.

I love the results!

Aunt Alice's rockin' flowers.

As I mentioned, my parents brought us our items out of storage, including Rebecca's birthday dolls - Jason's mom has been giving her one every year since she was born and she just loves them. (Free as they were gifts!)

Also in storage was my black bench. My granny gave it to me when I was 8 and the seat was red velvet,  at the time I had a peach room so it was covered in a peach fabric. As a teen I had a red room so I took off the peach fabric and used the red velvet again, when I got married I had it in our living room which was beige so I covered it again, when the older kids were born their nursery was primary colors so I took off the beige and used the red velvet again, when we moved to our bigger house I had it in our bedroom which was blue, so I covered it in a blue fabric. Whew. Then it went into storage for 2 years. Now I have it back and Rebecca begged for it so....I washed her baby blanket, that Aunt Alice made her a looong time ago, and used that to cover it! This bench sure had made the rounds! Don't you just want to give it a big hug? (Free again! Use what you already have!)

And remember that lamp we redid? Well I found a better lamp shade for it at a yard sale for 50 cents! So nice and fluffy! Rebecca was really excited about the adorableness!

Ok, be back in a sec with before and after pics!

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