Thursday, July 29, 2010

Memory Lane

Guess what I found in our storage stuff?

My childhood scrapbook!

Wanna see me grow up? :-P

A bit grainy but proof that I was a baby. In some sort of yellow contraption that appears to be slowly swallowing me whole.

1 year old, and no hair of course. Females in my family don't get hair until they are like 25. My brothers sill tease me about how bald I was as a child. At least I was cute!

2 years old. Still Cute. Still no hair. Well maybe a little.

3 years old. Houston we have hair! And some type of plaid, poofy sleeves. Look how hard I'm trying to look cute, "Please, stare into my adorable eyes and forgot you ever saw this horrible shirt!"

4 years old. I think that's a Snoopy cake. I always had cakes with coconut on them. Snowmen, Snoopy, White cats. I think my mom had one of those cake books put out by the coconut company.

5 years old. I remember those barrettes. They were awesome. I had tons of them, all with matching animals. I'd wear them right now.

6 years old. I think this was at Dogpatch, an old amusement park where my older brother worked.

7 years old. Here I start to have more problems with colors and style. Knit over plaid. Why? I don't know...

8 years old. I think it's time for a haircut. And a talk about turtles necks...why did I like turtle necks so much! I had one in every color too. With matching knit sweaters for each one.

9 years old, I think this was my last "cute" year for awhile. Next come the "awkward" stage.

10 years old. Yup. Here is comes. It started with these glasses. Man. Why I needed glasses that covered my whole face, I have no idea.

11 years old. Aheam. Where to begin?? First off.....the bangs! OMG.Why??
I do remember it took me forever and a bottle of hair spray to fix it every morning. And that my brothers told me it look like I had turds on my forehead. (You guys were right, by the way!)
At least I've replaced my plastic glasses with wire ones, huge wire ones. And of course there is my ever present turtleneck and knit. Stylin'!

12 years old. It doesn't get much better here. Because I decided that I HAD to have a perm! But my mom said no. So I cried. And begged. And threw a fit. And said my life was over. She did what all mothers do who have tween girls. She threw up her hands and said "Fine, but don't come crying to me when you don't like it." Which was totally uncalled for because I loved it....for about 2 hours and then I HATED it. And cried because it was so awful and was going to take forever to grow out. And Iwas so mad at my mom because she MADE me do it and why didn't she just tell me no? lol (Poor mom. And now I have a 12 year old to pay me back...)
Still rocking those turtlenecks but I've replaced the knit with a crocheted vest!

13 years old. I finally shed my cocoon and chopped off my permed hair and got contacts! Still having problems with poofy collars though...but I've got my cute back!

14 years. Braces, which means I didn't smile for 18 months. But I still  loved those knit sweaters.

15 years. I hit a growth spurt and looked like a walking bean pole, a bean pole with braces, for awhile.

Sweet 16. Braces off. Hair under control. (Decided to just get rid of those bangs all together. lol) Lost the turtlenecks!
Sadly, all these years later and I still have the same hair style...except it's not as thick and lustrous as it was back then. I've pulled it all out from my kids. hah

Graduation photo. I still have that necklace. I should have worn my crocheted vest for this photo...haha

And one to make my best friend of over 20 years laugh...

Were we soooo cool! :-P



  1. We must be about the same age...I could've written that post about me! Your mom and mine had the same taste in kid's clothes, lol. I went thru the big hair, turtleneck, glasses stage too.

  2. Yup, we're the same age. :-)

    Did your hair spray have a pump? I remember having to pump it up to save the ozone! hah!


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