Monday, July 19, 2010

Freecycle love!

A woman on Freecycle said she had an antique dresser and I was lucky enough to be the one that got to bring it home!

Jason and I got lost took a nice drive in the country on the way but finally found her house and as soon as I saw the dresser I fell in love with it! It's beautiful!

AND....I was able to carry it allllll the way down her driveway without stopping to rest my arms once! Normally when I'm helping to carry an item I take a few steps, stop, take a few steps, stop....but not this time! Thanks P90X! (And it was HEAVY!)

I've got it in our living room right now and plan on filling it with our photo albums that I've been slowly unpacking.

She said it was over 100 years old, you can't tell but it has really old looking keyholes on each drawer - adorable! I'm not sure yet if I will refinish it or leave it as it is, it's could be beautiful both ways. What do you think?


  1. It is beautiful. Leave it as is. I am sure it is worth a lot, but not if you paint it.

  2. Good point! I'll just fine a way to shine it up with some oil or something.

  3. I've been looking everywhere for something like that for my guest bedroom. I'm trying to do it all free or cheap. I can't believe someone would give something that beautiful and that old away! I'd also leave it like it is, or if you really want to redo it, do and antique white finish, kind of like the shabby chic look.


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