Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tween Room Makeover is OFFICIALLY done! Total was $80!!

It's done! TOTALLY done! As in....when I see a pink item that is so perfect and adorable and it's only 10 cents....I will NOT buy it because there is no more room for any more pink! So yes, this will be the last update on the tween room! (I promise!)

I figured up the master total and it was just a little under $80 for her whole room! (Not counting labor of course.. there is a LOT of man power here!)

You can see all the posts with us making each item and all the costs: HERE

It's loud and bright and a bit gaudy but perfectly screams "Rebecca" and she thinks it the best room in the whole wide world. :-)

Wall 1: Before

& After

Wall 2: Before

& After

Wall 3: Before

& After

Wall 4: Before

& After:

And of course here's an updated video! Because photos only show so much.

It's a work of labor and love for sure! Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way! *hugs*

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