Thursday, July 8, 2010

Proflowers Reivew: Bonsai Tree!

Thanks to Proflowers, I had a neat opportunity to review one of their Bonsai Trees! Well, acutally there was a whole list of items to choose from including gift baskets full of yum (soooo tempting!)...but as soon as I saw they had bonsai trees I knew that's what I had to review....because my husband has wanted one for years! I even let him pick out which one to review, which was hard for him because they have so many!

ProFlowers has lots of nifty gifts for just about everyone that could possibly be on your list and for every occasion that there is or for no occasion at all. They even have an organic fruit basket! And they have "dinner & flowers" which has a restaurant gift card attached to the bouquet - such a neat idea!

But I really, really love the bonsai tree gift idea, because these trees last die and chocolates get eaten up but if you give one of these...they can look at it and think of your love for them every day...for many, many years!

Our tree was delivered in a cute box today and our 4 year old was so excited and stepped all over my toes trying to keep up with me as I carried it to the table.

As soon as I got the top off he looked in and screamed "It's a wee tree!". (Still using those UK words. lol)
It was packaged very well, very secure in there.  There was even a gift message on the outside for me, which made me feel so special!

I lifted it out, aw so cute, and saw that it had even more wrappings around the base, that tree was very well protected!

Everyone loved the little/wee tree and oohed and awed over it and debated over where the best place to put it would be. For now we put it on the coffee table so it can be admired by all! It was really fun to receive the tree in the mail and the whole family enjoyed the experience!

I'll be bookmarking ProFlowers for sure, to have on hand for gift ideas. I have lots of friends who would love a wee tree. :-P

~This tree was sent to me for review purposes, the opinions written here are mine. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & was not under any obligation to give a positive review of the product.~

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  1. I just received a mini hibiscus bonsai today, its so cute! Your new tree is cute as well. :)

    I probably would have never purchased one for myself, but I'd definitely give one as a gift and love to get one as a gift!


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