Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Freecycle Score - Boys Loft Bed!

Jarod has been BEGGING for a bunk bed since April, when we moved in. He tried to talk me into just buying him one pretty much all. the. time. "Common mom, how hard would it be to just pay for one?" (If you know me...really hard. lol)

But I knew there was the perfect bed out there for my boys. One that wouldn't cost me hundreds of dollars or make me give in to consumerism. We kept getting our hopes up and then dashed though, which just drove Jarod nuts.

* I saw an ad in the paper for a yard sale that mentioned a bunk bed. But when we got there is was a DOG bunk bed. (What? Why?) Jarod said he thought he could curl up inside just fine.

* There was an ad in the paper for a bunk bed but when I called it was 2 hours away. Jarod was up for the drive of course but I had to explain how with the gas it wouldn't be saving us any money. He said we could walk.

* There was a free bunk bed on craigslist but when I emailed it was already taken. Jarod asked me why didn't I type faster?

FINALLY, today a loftbed was listed on Freecycle. I wasn't sure what it was exactly but figured it would do. Problem was we had to pick it up....and we have a car. The man was kind enough to take it apart for us and Jason took out our back seat so we could push the pieces all the way from the trunk to the front seats. (I didn't know you could do that but now if I'm ever locked in a trunk I know how to get out! hah) I still didn't think we could fit a whole bunk bed in our trunk but we did! It' a really nice and made of solid wood!

We got it home and Jarod was so excited! He kept saying he must be dreaming and rushed us along as we tried to put it together. Of course we put it together wrong the first time, had to take it apart and redo it but one sliced up arm later (mine, ouch) and a few trips to the hardware store...and it was done! Jarod climbed up there and I haven't seen him since. lol

We put Alex's toddler bed (also from freecycle), chair (gift), and dresser (borrowing) underneath and he is now calling it his "cave".

I asked Jarod if it was worth the wait.

"Well. Maybe. But I could have fit in that dog bed."

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