Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our house

As promised....a video of our house!

As you will see we got a table! Jason's sweet aunt gave us one along with some cool blue chairs.

I also went back to the thrift stores and got the bucket chair and old coffee table for our living room, which is looking really 70ish now! In total I spent less than $40 for everything in it, for that price I can totally dig the 1970s! When I get tired of living in the past I can reupholster everything. lol

I still can't believe that a few days ago this house was totally empty and we now have everything we need and more! Thank you Freecycle - the best concept, ever - for taking our house and turning it into a home!

My next step is to strip and repaint all the dressers, tables etc. I have some great ideas...just have to get the supplies and get to work on them. Keep an eye on this blog for before & after posts. :-)

I'm also keeping an eye out on freecycle for desks and bookshelves so we can get all our books out of boxes, set up the office, and put the computer on a desk in the living room instead of the coffee table. I'm also looking for an old table to put in the basement for Rebecca as she has all her craft supplies down there, she wants a low table and a bean bag chair. And need to find a TV and loveseat for Jarod to put in the basement. But for right now we are all set!

Keep in mind I have sever allergies (previous residents had lots of pets so I've been having to deep clean everything which is stirring up tons of dust and dander) so my voice sounds funny.

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  1. Looks good, Mary. I hope the dust settles soon. And I'm not talking in metaphors.


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