Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My quiet spot

While in Belfast we learned that it won't kill you to hang your own laundry nor to walk to get where you need to go. We've tried to keep this alive here by owning only one car and putting up a clothes line. We live in the middle of tiny town and can walk to to store, bank etc. so the car is only used to drive Jason to work in the big town.

I've really in love with line drying for several reasons.

*The kids don't bother me while I'm hanging up clothes because they are afraid I'll make them help me.
"Moooommmm! Where are you? MOM? Mooo- oh" *runs away*

*SO not only do I get some peace and quiet but the sun shines down on me, the birds are chirping, and the laundry smells so fresh and clean. We hung the line up on our privacy fence so it's hidden, a little hide-a-way spot for me. It's not a chore I rush through, in fact it can take me quite a long time to hang up a load of laundry. :-P

*It costs way less and uses less energy too.

You don't get all that using a dryer now do you? :-P

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